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How CBD can help you quit smoking THC?

Find out how CBD can be a natural solution to quit smoking THC. In this article, explore authentic testimonials and scientific data on the benefits of CBD in the fight against cannabis addiction. You'll learn how CBD can provide effective support for those looking to quit THC, while providing a natural and safe alternative.

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Everything you need to know about CBD cannabis

Explore the legal and relaxing benefits of CBD, an alternative without the harmful effects of THC! On Cbddax.fr , our commitment to European and French compliance guarantees THC levels below standards: 0.2% for our flowers and 0% for oils, drinks and vapes. What is CBD? Discovered in 1963, cannabidiol (CBD) from hemp (Cannabis Sativa L.) offers multiple virtues without psychotropic effects. Popular for its relaxing properties, CBD exists in various forms: resin, flower, oil, e-liquid, offering a variety of consumption methods. How CBD works: Acting on receptors such as serotonin, anandamide and adenosine, CBD induces well-being and calming by activating serotonin receptors linked to happiness. The high concentration of CBD activates 5HT1A receptors, influencing pain, appetite, anxiety and sleep. Inhibiting...

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