The benefits of CBD

What is CBD?

CBD is the abbreviation of the term "cannabidiol".

This molecule is one of the cannabinoids present in cannabis.
CBD , whether presented in the form of flower, oil or food products, does not have a narcotic effect on the consumer . In an organism, CBD acts as a catalyst. It optimizes the natural response to pain , but also to anxiety and anxiety .

CBD does not eliminate or prevent pain and anxiety, it acts on the nervous system to reduce the impact of both, sending intimate signals to the body to not not worry about it and go about their business.

This substance is all the more effective as it functions as an extension of our nervous system's own natural defences.
The beneficial effect of cannabidiol occurs through its lipid solubility.
To take full advantage of the effects of CBD, it is best to mix this molecule with liquids with a high fat content such as oil.

This is why the use of CBD in the form of oils, creams or infusions is ideal .

What are the side effects of CBD?

Like all medical products, potential side effects may appear during a cure, but these are rare with CBD. There are sometimes slight appetite disorders, some diarrhea or a feeling of increased fatigue.

The THC content is less than 0.2%.

CBD is considered a dietary supplement. Cannabidiol is therefore not a medicine and cannot be qualified as such .

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