When to use CBD?

Once you've figured out which product is best suited for your CBD needs, it's important to figure out when and how often you want to use it, because it's a question we get asked often.

This article will help you make better use of your daily cannabidiol intake. How to take CBD depends on the route of administration . In fact, the best time to take your CBD product depends entirely on the route of administration you choose. Therefore, each route of administration is absorbed by the body in a different way, some are faster than others, which will have a slower but more lasting effect.

Vaping and CBD infusion: when to take it?

Using CBD infusion or evaporation can produce a very rapid effect in the body, passing through the alveoli, thus reaching the body faster through the blood, but this effect is quite rapid and short-lived. During an attack or at the onset of pain, it is best to use infused or vaporized CBD extract to act effectively and quickly. We therefore advise you to take it in the evening before going to bed .

Cooking with CBD: when to eat?

CBD can be taken anywhere and used in different ways. Since the cannabidiol content in milligrams is needed to pass through the digestive system, the maximum effect of CBD can only be felt 1-6 hours after ingestion . Cooking to maximize the diffusion of the benefits of CBD flowers in the body, does not provide immediate and rapid relief. On the other hand, it allows a slow diffusion throughout the day of the benefits of CBD.

CBD oils: when to use them?

CBD oil is the world's preferred way to use cannabidiol, combining plant oils to enhance the absorption of CBD-rich hemp extract. CBD oil is well absorbed by the mucous membranes and is distributed quickly throughout the body. It's a convenient and safe way to enjoy the benefits of CBD for a long time. About 10-20 minutes after use.

CBD can already be detected in the blood, but it varies from person to person and can take one to three hours to release. Therefore, it is best to use CBD oil during meals .


According to the user, the effects of CBD are not the same, and the dose can vary considerably, so it is important, as we repeat regularly, to start with the lowest dose of cannabidiol and then increase the dose. as needed. The effect must meet the daily needs, and it must be taken at several times of the day: morning, noon and evening for long-lasting effectiveness.

Note that CBD is a supplement that accompanies but does not replace medical prescriptions.

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