How to consume CBD?

CBD can be consumed in many ways, from direct ingestion or in the preparation of food and drink recipes , to inhalations, capsules, creams... you decide which consumption schedule is right for you.

The consumption of CBD will affect its intensity and duration. The fastest way to distribute CBD in the body is sublingual, followed by inhalation. On the other hand, the absorption mechanism of CBD is actually different in the digestive tract and in the respiratory tract. Vaping CBD can have the first effect on the body after 15-20 minutes and 1-6 hours when you cook it. Its use is generally favored by people who seek long-term rest, such as getting enough and sleeping well without experiencing episodes of anxiety or pain .

Due to different formulas, different varieties of hemp CBD also have different flavors and characteristics. Therefore, feel free to experiment with several strains and different methods of cannabis consumption to find your favorite CBD . CBD comes in many forms, from dried flowers to oils and infusions .
You should also consider your drinking habits and your body's sensitivity to cannabinoids. Unless you are a regular CBD user, it is best to focus on administering low-dose or single-dose products. You can customize your use based on how you feel and how CBD affects your body.
CBD comes in different forms and dosages, you can find the right formula for you .

CBD oils

We are going to introduce you to 3 types of CBD oils in order of their effectiveness. The first form is isolated cannabidiol oil, which contains CBD crystals. You can also find carton or broad-spectrum oils made by distilling pure hemp oil. Distillation is generally used to remove all traces of THC, but its disadvantage is that it eliminates certain compounds of interest such as terpenes or other cannabinoids.

Full-spectrum oils are the most effective and therefore the most interesting CBD oils . Full Spectrum CBD Oil contains all compounds from the original plant, namely all cannabinoids and other compounds such as terpenes, vitamins A, B, C and E as well as omega 3 and 6, flavonoids or fibers. The full spectrum of CBD oil ingredients work together to amplify the effect. Putting a few drops of CBD oil under the tongue with a dropper is the easiest and most effective way to consume cannabidiol. When administered sublingually, CBD is rapidly absorbed by the mucous membrane of the tongue.

After a minute or two on the tongue, the CBD oil can be swallowed and then absorbed through the digestive tract. You can add a few drops of CBD oil to your recipe, as CBD oil can be absorbed and consumed undiluted, or it can be mixed with drinks or food. However, smoking CBD oil is strongly discouraged.

CBD flowers

The extraction of the active ingredient of CBD is done from the flowering tops of hemp, more precisely from the female flowers. The male flowers of hemp are rather reserved for the production of seeds to obtain new plants. The female CBD flowers can also be consumed directly. There are different varieties of CBD flowers with specific organoleptic qualities and a more or less marked herbaceous flavor.
You can thus choose a CBD flower according to its active ingredient content but also according to your tastes. We recommend two ways to effectively enjoy the benefits of CBD flower: by vaporization or by infusion .
It is first possible to inhale CBD vapors using a vaporizer. You will find a large selection of vaporizers on the market at moderate prices that will allow you to heat your CBD in a gentle and gradual way so that it releases vapors without burning out.

Vaporization from CBD is an increasingly used and appreciated method because it remains discreet and gentle. The CBD vapors released by vaporization are indeed much less aggressive and harmful to health than the fumes produced by combustion. It is also much more economical to consume the CBD flower by vaporizing it than by smoking it.

The CBD flower is also very popular in infusion, in drinks or cooking recipes.

Cooking with CBD

CBD oil or CBD flowers in the kitchen are used in many recipes, dishes and drinks . The advantage of cannabidiol in cooking is that it enters the body slowly and has a mild effect. However, if you want to make CBD, you should know that cannabinoids are insoluble in water, so immersing CBD flowers in water does not extract the active ingredients of a relaxing drink.

Release CBD into hemp flower by infusion or prescription. For example, some enthusiasts use milk, preferably whole milk, to make CBD infusions. You can also add vegetable oil to the infusion solution, soft butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil and even fresh cream. You should know that the higher the fat content, the faster and more efficient the extraction of CBD from the flowers. If you want to make semi-skimmed milk tea, extracting the CBD takes over two hours. If you don't like the herbal flavor of CBD, you can add cocoa, honey, and even cinnamon to your drink.
From appetizer to dessert , a full meal with CBD is widely possible!
There are two ways to use CBD in cooking: You can pour CBD hemp flower into the fat to extract it before cooking. Some recipes use CBD flowers directly, such as crushed flowers. Regardless of how the recipe prepares CBD flowers, it is important to use fat and heat the preparation to extract the active ingredients. There are various CBD foods on the market, but we advise you to make your own preparations.

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