CBDAX Mandarin Gorilla (premium hydroponics)

CBDAX Mandarin Gorilla (premium hydroponics)

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CBD flowers from the new "Hydro - Top of the range" collection


Variety: Indica
Effect: Relax+++
Rate: THC = <0.2% / CBD = 10-15%
Aroma: tangerines, pepper
Cultivation: Indoor hydroponics

Detailed presentation

The CBDAX Mandarin Gorilla is an indoor flower with a sweet citrus flavor with a sweet and sweet aroma. This flavor brings you an explosion of tangerine and haze notes for a relaxing effect.

The buds are medium to large in size, light green in appearance, a little airy and their texture is quite resinous. It will suit lovers of the perfect balance between a fruity flower, which retains the peppery side and strong taste of CBD flowers. It is grown without treatment and chemical fertilizers.

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